Southern Marsh strives to protect some of the South’s most quintessential landscapes.

With your help, we have placed nearly 10,000 acres of land into conservation to preserve the most beautiful areas of our region.

What are conservation easements? Permanent, legal protection for land that provides many benefits for the environment and surrounding communities.

Over the last few years, more than 8,620 acres have been conserved with the value of over $38,186,878 contributed.

Your Southern Marsh purchase supports:
  • deer
    Wildlife & Natural Habitats

    Numerous species are protected & their habitats remain untouched by modern development.

  • water
    Preserving Water Quality

    Waterways & wetlands remain clean for our use & for the animals that live there.

  • tractor
    Traditional Farming & Ranching

    Small farms & ranches are able to remain profitable during tough economic times through tax benefits.

  • trees
    Protecting Renewable Resources

    Restrictions on easements ensure resources are harvested in an eco-conscious manner.

  • shield
    Providing Buffer Zones

    Boundaries of national parks, reservations, & military installments are guarded from development.

  • canoe
    Conserving Recreation Land

    Easements provide spaces for future generations for activities like camping, fishing, & hunting.

  • decrease
    Decreased Burden on Communities

    Undeveloped land costs communities less in public services than developed land.

  • work
    Increased Job Availability

    Jobs are created to aid in the protection & enforcement of new easements.

  • star
    Historic & Cultural Resources

    Locations with historic or cultural significance are protected from demolition & harmful changes.

Other ways to get involved

There are small things each of us can do every day to help preserve our land. Recycling, eliminating litter, and supporting local produce are just a few ways to benefit your community. By working together, we can make a difference and protect our home for future generations.

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